Mar 27

Grepolis 2 Bot v2.37.0.2

Version: Date: 27-03-2013
-Fixed unit queue for Chariot.
-Fixed mass mail captcha interference.

If this is the first time you use the Grepolis 2 bot please read the “Quick start guide“.

For suggestions, questions or bugs you can use the comments or visit the forums at elitepvpers.


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  1. ineedhelp

    Hey can i just ask, is the captcha solver free for all? or is it still only for the donators?

    1. Uthar

      Only for donators.

      1. Matthias

        Hallo Uthar,

        wo genau muss ich die spende hin schicken so das ich denn Bot zu 100% nutzen kann,

        gruß Matthias

        1. Uthar

          You can click on the paypal button on the right side of this page. It will fill in the required information.

  2. Testuser

    I have only IE 8.07. Does it work with the CAPTCHA Alert?

    1. Uthar

      You will be fine if you have used the “Enable_IE9.reg” file. The captcha detection works for IE 8.0 and later versions.

  3. Testuser

    I want to change the looting farm time for all of my cities (~100). Is there a possibility to change this without going though each single city (from 10min to 40min)?

    1. Uthar

      That is not directly possible in the bot but you could open the “towns.xml” file in a text editor (Notepad++) and use the replace all feature.
      With this you can replace every occurrence of FarmersLootInterval=”10″ with FarmersLootInterval=”40″.

      Make sure you close the bot first before editing this file.

  4. gardox

    hello Uthar

    first thank you for the work on this bot …
    I want to make some suggestions to improve it …

    1-if you could make the bot will automatically update with a click and so to keep the settings without having to enter the values ​​again would be perfect …
    2-if you could introduce the option to choose language, at least to the Spanish would you do to get your work to more people who might enjoy or make the most …
    3-Another suggestion would be possible to have the option of loading in each city unit values ​​off, deff, mixed with stored commands to facilitate this when you have many cities …
    If I could think of any other suggestions I would make it saver

    Now some questions
    1-the alarm of attack I can not activate it, why?
    2-is normal chat windows, window agora in defense the option of returning some troops not go well? windows generally fail me a bit I usually resolved by updating the browser page!

    I apologize for my poorly worded and do not speak English and use the google translator … just again thank you for your work helping us …

    1. Uthar

      1) You can keep your settings by copying your old Config folder to the new version of the bot.
      2) I really should have added that when I started developing this bot. Now it will cost a lot of work to add support for multiple languages. Maybe I’ll add it some day.
      3) You can do this with the templates. There are templates for the unit- and building queue.

      And the questions:
      1) The attack alarm can be activated when your donator status is active.
      2) That is because of the browser. So far I’m not able to fix this. Pressing F5 will solve it most of the time.

      1. gardox

        thanks for the answers

    2. Frytek

      maybe something like stopping alarm after sending Captcha is possible?

      1. Uthar

        Disabling/Enabling the captcha sound warning in the settings tab should do that.

        1. Frytek

          I know that, but it’s just ‘uncomfortable’… it’s should be easy to add code that stops alarm on captcha response.

          1. Uthar

            When the captcha solver is enabled it’s easy. Because the bot fills in the answer it knows exactly when it should turn off the alarm. (This is already working)

            But when the donator status is inactive the bot will detect a captcha and then pause the bot. From this point onwards the bot has no interaction with the server and has no idea when you fill in the captcha answer manually. Because of this the bot doesn’t know when it should turn off the alarm.

          2. Frytek

            Maybe adding delay with timer and checking if ‘tab’ is active and ‘webbrowser’ is focused on tick event 😀

  5. KFP

    Feature Request:
    Unless I am mistaken, There’s no way to limit the trades to specific towns in your bot. Is there any chance of this being implemented? Currently, I have 4 different towns and I want to be able to do trades from town A to town D only, and town B to Town C…. you get my drift….

    Keep up the good work.



    1. Uthar

      I’m not sure if that is possible with my current implementation of the trade feature. But I could check if it’s possible.
      For the time being you could lower your “Max. Resources (%)” setting so that the bot switches earlier to another town.

    2. Uthar

      Also you could experiment with the “Max. Trade Distance” setting. This allows you to limit the amount of towns you can trade with.

  6. Steve

    Where is settings for automatic send silver to cave?

    1. Uthar

      You can find it at the trade tab.

  7. Dev

    Thanks again for the bot. I have some questions…

    The building queue… I left some buildings to be worked on… but the log says I don’t have anything to build. I have check marks on Building Queue but its not building a damn thing…

    1. Uthar

      Could you make a screenshot of your Queue tab? And do you use the “Advanced Queue” setting (located at the settings tab)?

  8. ruben

    Hi Uthar, I want just tell you that the captcha solver doesn’t work with the last update of internet explorel (IE10).

    1. Uthar

      Could you post a link to your debug.txt and log.txt file?

      1. ruben

        Yes, I send this file to your e-mail

  9. KFP

    Hey Uthar:
    Here’s another feature request….
    I wrote a couple scripts of my own and I would like to be able to load them while running your bot. Is there anyway you can create another tab so we can run our own scripts along side w/ yours? FYI… my scripts are written in Javascript….

    Thanks for all the good work.

    1. Uthar

      No that is not possible.

  10. Mike

    this bot is amazing! are the culture options only for donators?

    1. Uthar

      Yes that is correct. You can find a list of all features here:

      1. Mike

        thanks. i just donated.

  11. KFP

    Not sure if this just me, or is this happening for anyone else.
    I am running the bot on US7, where I have 6 cities. My problem is that most of the time the buttons dont work. I tried the F5 refresh, and I tried closing and reopening the bot, and I have imported the IE9 Reg file multiple times, but it seems like the javascript (or is it java) doesnt work 99% of the time.
    In v2.37.0.1 it works partially and the refresh will usually fix it… but in it got really worse…

    Please help.

    Thanks for the good work.

    1. Uthar

      Nothing has been changed the last couple of updates to make this worse. It has been a problem since the first version and I haven’t been able to fix it completely.
      Things you could try are closing the bot and clear your internet cache, and/or pressing F5 when using the browser tab.

      1. mmm

        Hi uthar,

        Here the same problem. The problem is after the last update really become. can do almost nothing to the forum and buildings queued succeed even more.

        Thank you.


        1. mmm


          I’ve tried everything. Have different browsers downloaded, the bone is removed from the computer but nothing works. F5 works sometimes. But I can no longer open forum messages read and respond.

          Please help merevieuws progres

  12. J Deezy

    Hey uthar, I had the v2.35.0.1 bot and I went to log on today and it wouldn’t log in so I thought maybe it was the version I was using, so I downloaded the newest version and it still doesn’t log me in. Like it doesn’t even move it still just says v2.37.0.2 at the bottom it never moves. Do you know how to fix this? All my settings are correct and everything else is good I have been using your bots for a long time and this is the 1st time this has happened, do you know what is wrong? Oh and I’m not banned either because I still can log in, even if I do it manually through the browser of the bot and it still doesn’t connect, can you help?

    1. Uthar

      Could you clear your internet cache and try again?
      And can you check the debug.txt file for any errors if it’s still not working after that. You only need to copy/paste the errors that happened during the time you tried to login.

  13. Arizon

    Hello. I have a question. Is this is possible to get banned if using this script? And how I can avoid to get banned? I am not using script all the day, only these hours I am up.
    Thank you.

    1. Uthar

      There is always a risk that you get banned when using bots. On the right side of this page you see a section called “Detection status”, it contains some tips to lower the chance of getting banned.

      1. Arizon

        Today I tried to log in to my account, and saw that I am banned for script/bot using. I follow all these tips for detection status and use bot only several hours in day, but it doesn’t help me. Do you know is there is chance to persuade admins to unblock my account?
        Thank you.

        1. Frytek

          They have no reason for “unblocking” your account, ’cause you was using bot after all…
          Why would they do so… 😛

  14. KEKKO



    1. Uthar

      That is not possible.

  15. Bert


    First of all, thanks for this awesome bot!
    I’m using it for 2 months now without any problems.

    Got a question about the inactivity time between farming of different city’s.
    I’m using the option “farm all”, while farming, there is +- 26 seconds inactivity between my city’s
    I checked my settings but cannot find why the bot is waiting this long.
    Is there a way to reduce the waiting time between city’s?

    here is example of log:
    5/04/2013 15:15:26 X: Successfull looted/demanded resources from Strinako,Ithgakos,Psidoukyna,Iththos
    5/04/2013 15:15:01 x: Successfull looted/demanded resources from Rhonaae,Kydou,Hygagirho,Stripsitata,Ginosrho
    5/04/2013 15:14:36 xX: Successfull looted/demanded resources from Kostaith,Rosstri,Rhopsistri,Thoskos,Githos,Gavdradouta,Hytana,Psiky
    5/04/2013 15:14:11 XX: Successfull looted/demanded resources from Nosna,Strigav,Thosstrinosae,Strithosros,Nathospsiros,Aeithstri
    5/04/2013 15:13:45 xx: Successfull looted/demanded resources from Aeaedra,Roskosaenos,Thosdouhyith,Gavthos,Tarosgi,Rosrhodougav,Nosgana,Kosthos
    5/04/2013 15:13:20 XxX: Successfull looted/demanded resources from Tagav,Nosnos,Dradra,Nosdoutaros,Stridrarosgi,Aeith,Iththoskosdou,Strinaga
    5/04/2013 15:12:55 xXx: Successfull looted/demanded resources from Rhorho,Douko,Kodouros,Doustri,Drakos,Dranadra,Kygaga,Konarho
    5/04/2013 15:12:30 XXX: Successfull looted/demanded resources from Hyky,Psidra,Ganaaena
    5/04/2013 15:12:05 xxx: Successfull looted/demanded resources from Gavae,Dranosthos,Gana
    5/04/2013 15:11:40 XxxxX: Successfull looted/demanded resources from Dragirosros,Garhothos,Hyithhyko

    Best regards,

    1. Uthar

      Between farming the bot updates information about your towns. This causes the extra time between each farmer request. Those updates are required for the bot to function correctly.

      You can speed up the bot by lowering the “Delay Requests (ms)”, “Min. Delay Farmers (ms)” and “Max. Delay Farmers (ms)” but this will make the bot more detectable. Of course it’s your own choice but I don’t recommend to lower them.

  16. Twigg

    What is the point of the culture tab? Because as far as I can tell it doesn’t do anything.

    1. Uthar

      It will start the cultural festivals automatic when they are ready. This feature will however only work when your donator status is active. Here is the list of all the donator features:
      -Attack warnings by mail (gmail recommended)
      -Automatic cultural festivals
      -Automatic trading (between your own towns)
      -Automatic send silver to cave
      -Incoming attack sound warning
      -Captcha solver

      1. Twigg

        Ah, thank you.

  17. Bert

    Got the “delay request” and “min delay farmers” at 1500ms, will leave it that way…
    I placed the “farm loot” up to 20 and changed settings to farm every 20 minutes.
    This gives me more loot than “farm loot” at 5 every 10 minutes, also sending less frequently server request.

    Thanks for the explication.

    Best regards

  18. KEKKO

    I have a problem with the alliance forum, does not open the discussion and does not change the pages.
    I deleted cookies and I reloaded the page with F5 but the problem persists.

    1. Uthar

      Did you already use the “Enable_IE9.reg” file?

      1. KEKKO

        Yes but the problem persist..I also tried to download an older version, but does not solve my problem

        1. Uthar

          Then I’m afraid it’s a limitation of the browser 🙁
          I can’t do much about that.

          1. KEKKO

            there is no possibility of making compatible the bot with another browser?

          2. Uthar

            Not without rewriting the most parts of the bot.

          3. KEKKO

            But when turned on with the browser I have no problem.
            I should point out that I have with Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10.
            I also uninstalled internet explorer 10 and install it again but the problem persists.
            But I noticed that when I access the BOT, the forum-alliance is working properly for the first 5 seconds and then just start the farm no longer works

          4. Uthar

            I assume this is because the bot has different connections with the Grepolis server which are synchronized. This was needed to allow you to use the browser tab (first connection) and at the same time keep the other connection so that the bot can make its own requests.

          5. KEKKO

            However, this problem occurred just now, I use the BOT since January and I have NEVER had any problems.

            So I can not solve in any way?

    2. Uthar

      Those kind of the problems (that you are not able to click on things) with the browser are there since the first release of the bot. But sometimes it is worse than other times. Of course if I ever find a working solution for this I’ll fix it.

      Also it can depend on changes made by the Grepolis developers. You’ll just have to wait, maybe it works better in the next Grepolis update.

      Finally it is always good to clear your internet cache regularly.

      1. KEKKO


  19. User

    Possible improvements for future releases:

    1 – option to disable the auto farm, gaining performance while unable to farm.

    2 – option to catapult happiness, marriage divine sign and patron goddess cities

    3 – option of sending individual resource (wood, stone, coin) and parallel running Spy cav

    4 – as the captcha bot is detected and pause, it should have a button to reactivate without closing it.

    Thank you.

    1. Uthar

      1) You can do this with the scheduler.
      2) The spell casting needs some improvement. Maybe I’ll also add some new spells when I’m working on this.
      3) I could try to add a limit for each resource so that you have more control. The spy cave will however remain one of the trade modes.
      4) The bot will pause itself when a captcha notification is detected. After this there are two possibilities:
      -Donator status: inactive
      The pause/resume button will be enabled again when the captcha image is detected. Wait 10-20 seconds before entering the answer otherwise the bot could miss it.
      -Donator status: active
      The bot will solve the captcha for you and automatic start the bot again.

  20. philly

    In the next update, can you please add a feature to demolish building’s as well. It’s great to have them auto build, but when i conquer a new city and need to demolish buildings, it takes me forever to do on my own.

    1. Uthar

      That is something I could look into but the chance is very small that it will be in the next update.

  21. philly

    okay, as long as it eventually gets added. thanks so much!

  22. philly

    i was wondering what browser the bot uses. i just recently bought a program that changes my ip address and it works with IE and firefox. the only downfall is, i can’t get it to work with the bot because you can not see the browser toolbar to select which server you want to work from. Can this be fixed in an update? The website for the proxy program is http://www.iprivacytools.com

    1. Uthar

      The bot doesn’t directly support proxies and it’s not possible to use addons/plugins created for IE or other browsers.
      You can however use http://www.socksproxychecker.com/sockscap.html to add proxy support. Maybe you can use the proxy server used by your program with sockscap?

  23. Mauro

    I donated 5 eur yesterday, can you check the payment and send me the infos?
    Thank you!
    My email is in donation description and details.

    1. Uthar

      Thanks Mauro, I have send you the unlock file + instructions.

  24. Carlos

    My friend Uthar,

    I do not know what happened with the boot, it simply stopped working the Browser. is all blue screen and nothing funicona, put a print for you to take a look. Already temtei all: I removed all files from the boot, I downloaded the program again, removed and installed again my browsers and nothing worked.
    I wonder what is happening?

    Thank you!

    1. Uthar

      You can solve that by clearing your internet cache. (Make sure you close the bot first).
      You can clear your internet cache with a tool like ccleaner (http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner).

      1. Carlos

        I’ve done it, reinstalled the boot to the new version, reinstalled mozzila, and still the problem. Besides Cclear, desfragmentei pc and cleaned everything. Hj installed the new version and oh yes the problem persists.
        What to do?

        1. Uthar

          The bot doesn’t use mozilla but Internet Explorer. Could you try if you are able to play the game in internet explorer? Also run the “Enable_IE9.reg” if you hadn’t done that already.

  25. Jimmy

    Hi Uthar,

    First off, awsome bot. Have been using it for awhile now in various worlds and never been caught. I just vary the farming times and this seems to work. O yes, and I make sure the bot runs on a schedule and not 24/7.

    Reason I am mailing you this morning is… Started in the latest world 61 and all seems fine until you try to click something in the build queue to add the next building. This does not work for me anymore. I can do everything else, but not build any more buildings even if I have enough resources and people.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    1. Uthar

      Are you talking about the building queue in the browser tab? If so, try pressing F5.

      1. Jimmy

        Yep, correct.

        Seems it was something my end. Restarted my pc and viola, works perfectly as always.

        Thanks again for the best bot!

  26. anonymous654


    bot bug
    and the new verssion serveur
    déconnéxion reconéxion

    1. Uthar

      Some German and French servers are updated to 2.38. I’m currently testing a new version of the bot and will probably release it today.

      Also it looks like a part of the old version is still in your cache. Your image shows 2.37 but that should be 2.38.
      You can clean your internet cache with a tool like ccleaner (http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner).

      1. anonymous654

        ok 🙂
        stank you Uthar
        you are the winer LOL

  27. Bot51

    Hey Uthar, great job for this bot!

    I want to ask you something, does the bot work against capatcha if your not a donator status yet?
    Thank you!

    1. Uthar

      That bot will then only be able to detect the captcha and pause the bot. You will have to give the answer yourself.

      1. Bot51

        I see great! Thanks alot for this bot, saves me alot of trouble. If i am in the US and can i still donate, but not in euros?

        Thanks man!

        1. Uthar

          You should be able to enter the amount in euro’s. Paypal will automatic convert it from dollars.

      2. Bot51

        Also does that mean that i will not be banned after i enter the answers?

        1. Uthar

          There is always a risk to get banned when using bots but at least it wont be because of the captcha.

  28. gooplix

    4/18/2013 1:54:58 AM (#0)Critical error occurred. Server response saved in Response dir.
    4/18/2013 1:54:59 AM (#1)Critical error occurred. Server response saved in Response dir.
    4/18/2013 1:54:59 AM Connection to server lost. Starting reconnect…(Parse)

    this on en58 which according to settings is still a 2.37 world?

    1. Uthar

      The version number at the settings window is probably still cached. Because of that it still shows the old version.
      If you get those reconnects you can assume your server is updated to version 2.38.

      1. gooplix

        unit queue not working. on upgrading to bot 2.38.02 on en58 world but working in en61?

  29. ignacio

    I have donated and have not received the activation

    1. Uthar

      I have to manually activate your account, which means you don’t receive the unlock file within a few minutes.
      Normally it takes a few hours (and should never take longer than 24h)

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