Oct 05

Grepolis 2 bot – Detectable

The next update of Grepolis (2.3) will have new bot detection system that uses captcha. All versions of this bot will be detectable.

Although most servers are still at version 2.29 a few have already been updated to version 2.3. Thus be careful and stop using the bot when your server is updated to version 2.3.

If you want to help solve this problem you can help gather information. Things I would like to know are:
-After what actions is the captcha check activated?
-What is the connected timer of the bot when you see the captcha check.


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  1. Anonymous

    The bannings have started. Captchas showed up before the 2.3 upgrade and it was hours before I noticed and completed it. That was a couple days ago, haven’t seen another captcha since but I guess that was enough for them.

    1. leo

      Hi Uthar,

      what about the idea off a sound signal when the captcha check. show up?if you answer fast, there is no troble.normally  when you click on the brouser the captcha shows up after long time conection. tanks Leo

  2. Unknown

    The captcha came up today two times, first time I run the the bot, then I stopped it and play normal and later(maybe 4hours) a new captcha poped up with out any action before…
    I don’t know what happen if you not solve the captcha…looks like that nothing will happen…it just blocks you to play the game..

  3. Anonymous

    uthar do you know if you can do another version of the bo in this wee?

    1. Uthar

      No sorry, I’m too busy at the moment ๐Ÿ™
      I was first planning to do a small update that just stops when a captcha is detected but because of the timeout on the captcha it’s not a good idea.
      This means I need to make something that detects the captcha, copy the image, convert it to text and then solve it…
      This is going to be a lot of work.

      1. pepote

        uff thats difficult. Cant you introduced a alarm song when the capcha arrives? or another temporal thing?

        1. Uthar

          A sound warning should be possible.

          1. pepote

            ok its interesting because if you are working with the PC you can be sure ๐Ÿ˜€

          2. wererider

            For me an email notification would be better, bot runs on rdp server:-)
            If the bot can send me a captcha picture, I can act as my own captcha recognizer, if I could email my bot back with an answer ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. pele77

    As per observation, CAPTCHA is activated when the BOT is on.
    CAPTCHA appears as soon as the BOT starts farming after log in.

    I have made observations that this Captcha will only appear when you are using a bot, because I have logged into the game without the bot and open it the rest of the night, the was no captcha.

    Therefore something from the bot that is activating the captcha.

    1. Uthar

      Not true, There are already a number of reports from people getting the captcha check who are not using a bot.

  5. Anonymous

    There’s a discussion in the German forum: http://forum.de.grepolis.com/showthread.php?23450-Capcha-Abfrage

    The team guys say, that there won’t be any automatical banning for ignoring the captchas but that they collect the data and analyse it manually.

  6. KuvagSTALKER

    Well, cache is cleaned. everything’s allright as you said, Uthar.

    Until now, no captcha yet. I’ll let you know if i got one, and which under circumstances it appears.

  7. pele77

    I stand corrected. I would like to retrack my statements earlier.
    I logged in today without the bot, left the game unattended while watching t.v. , then a noticed appeared regarding the Captcha. So I guess this captcha is random.

    How can a bot solve a simple math captcha tho’?

    1. Uthar

      That is possible by converting the image to text. Unfortunately that is not very easy.

      1. ITplayer

        Some Google services or smartphones applications use image to text converters. do you think it will be ever possible to use something like that?

  8. N00B

    Went to a friend’s house for about 5 hours and accidentally left my browser up and stayed logged in for about 6 hours with no bot. Just the normal version. Didn’t have any activity going or anything. Had the captcha screen up with the game darkened in the background when I returned home. Answered the equation correctly and got a green banner notification that I had done so. So the captcha will pop up randomly even when you’re not actively playing the game. It seems totally random.

    1. Lilibeth

      I had experienced the same as you. If the bot stop running when the captcha appears, it would be a temporary solution, because I believe they can detect the bot when the captcha is not responded because the game in browse is interrupted AND the bot continues send orders to the server.

      1. N00B

        Yeah, the new function would have to be that as soon as the bot recognizes the captcha popup it would have to cease all functions until the user can get back to their computer to answer the math equation. I think any type of action at all would count as an incorrect response on the captcha.

        1. N00B


          Again, was watching football in the other room and came in to see if it was time to send an attack yet. Had this waiting for me.

          1. Ricky

            i also had a same type of situation, when i came back i entered the answer of the captcha and went on playing the game, that was yesterday. today i logged in and after a few minutes a message appeared that a captcha will appear in 1.30 minutes, or something like that.

          2. danix

            that’s correct, the captcha, is introduced by a report sign on the right of the screen, which says when this captcha is going to be launched.
            I was told to set the min and max refresh time to 28 and 30, in the advanced section of the setting page.
            This way I’ve found the game with a black screen and in the background a mathematic quest to be answered, and the timer on the next update timer running.
            I don’t know whether the bot is detectable or not, the point is that as long as a lot of us will use it, they can’t ban the whole players, unless they want the servers empty…

  9. N00B

    Apparently I did something wrong because I had an alarm set to get up to launch an attack. I found my account logged out and when I logged back in I had a message that I was banned permanently for “illegal script activity”. I think just leaving a logged in account unattended will trip alarms and get you banned.

    1. Anonymous

      Maybe it’s because you’ve published a screenshot. It was easy to find out your user name.

      1. N00B

        I’m not using the bot. I just am helping to contribute to finding out what sets off the captcha. If you look at that screenshot do you see anything fishy or illegal about it? No, I didn’t think so.

        1. Anonymous

          No, of cause you’re not using a bot. You’re just here because you’re interested theoretically in bots. Or something like that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          They won’t ban someone for staying logged in while leaving the room – even if it’s for hours. Collaborating with the enemy with Uthar is more likely a banning reason.

        2. anon

          Dude what are you talking about? You can see the Grepolis bot icon on your taskbar in the lower left corner from the screenshot…. doh!!

  10. Ryuk

    hey Uthar!

    Maybe you remember me. (I said you when grepolis baned me)

    I was searching and I find this program, maybe useful you how base for the next bot.


    1. Uthar

      Looks nice but Captcha Brotherhood is only integrated in a few download managers. I don’t believe you can send your own captcha’s to their server.

  11. bulldog


    1. Uthar

      Not correct unfortunately ๐Ÿ™
      You can get the captcha check already after a few minutes. Also you even get captcha checks when you are not using a bot.

      1. Bulldog

        Yes Iยดve see that!
        I think this is only in random! today I ve playing without bot and the captcha show me it 2 times in 3 hours!:((

  12. qwerty

    I mam Grepolis being run non-stop, even when not played at night, in the old version I had without detecting Off looting villages. Now the only night of fasting normal browser, and I had control, I had it 3 x already but I had always only browser, bot I quite limiting a Dudamel and the early resolution of our problem ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Ryoko.Akuma

    No problem (:
    I also know how the bann system work.
    When u get a captcha u cant klick anything normally but the bot can and they can see this in there logs, so they check them manual and the time of the captcha is random so yeah :/ maybe we need a alert for the captcha and that the bot stop when the captcha appears so it would be a little patch only and u can work on the full fix with a captcha reading programm which u can find easy in the internet.

    no problem Utharnl
    found the detection thing:
    in the debug.txt[/B]:eek::eek:
    08.10.2012 19:31:29 Connection to server lost. Starting reconnect…(Parse)
    08.10.2012 19:31:29 Server response indicated that you were no longer logged in.
    08.10.2012 19:59:54 Exception in setGuiToTimeoutProcessedState(): Der Index lag auรŸerhalb des Bereichs. Er muss nicht negativ und kleiner als die Auflistung sein.
    Parametername: startIndex
    09.10.2012 03:15:24 Forced reconnect. Starting reconnect…
    09.10.2012 11:10:13 Forced reconnect. Starting reconnect…
    09.10.2012 13:15:49 Exception in setGuiToTimeoutProcessedState(): Der Index lag auรŸerhalb des Bereichs. Er muss nicht negativ und kleiner als die Auflistung sein.
    Parametername: startIndex
    09.10.2012 20:58:38 Timeout – Server didn’t respond for over 20 seconds.
    09.10.2012 22:31:13 Forced reconnect. Starting reconnect…
    10.10.2012 10:52:10 Forced reconnect. Starting reconnect…
    10.10.2012 15:02:48 Connection to server lost. Starting reconnect…(Parse)
    10.10.2012 15:02:48 Server response indicated that you were no longer logged in.
    10.10.2012 15:23:49 Exception in m_HttpHandler_DownloadStringCompleted(): (switchtown#0) Die zugrunde liegende Verbindung wurde geschlossen: Unbekannter Fehler beim Empfangen..
    10.10.2012 15:23:52 Connection to server lost. Starting reconnect…(Parse)
    10.10.2012 15:23:52 Server response indicated that you were no longer logged in.
    10.10.2012 18:24:58 Exception in setGuiToTimeoutProcessedState(): Der Index lag auรŸerhalb des Bereichs. Er muss nicht negativ und kleiner als die Auflistung sein.
    Parametername: startIndex
    10.10.2012 21:35:37 Connection to server lost. Starting reconnect…(Parse)
    10.10.2012 21:35:37 Server response indicated that you were no longer logged in.
    10.10.2012 23:11:07 Exception in setGuiToTimeoutProcessedState(): Der Index lag auรŸerhalb des Bereichs. Er muss nicht negativ und kleiner als die Auflistung sein.
    Parametername: startIndex
    11.10.2012 04:15:27 Forced reconnect. Starting reconnect…
    11.10.2012 07:23:35 Connection to server lost. Starting reconnect…(Parse)
    11.10.2012 07:23:35 Server response indicated that you were no longer logged in.
    11.10.2012 10:59:56 Forced reconnect. Starting reconnect…
    11.10.2012 12:49:04 Connection to server lost. Starting reconnect…(Parse)
    11.10.2012 12:49:04 Server response indicated that you were no longer logged in.
    11.10.2012 15:09:28 Forced reconnect. Starting reconnect…
    11.10.2012 19:00:38 Forced reconnect. Starting reconnect…
    11.10.2012 21:18:15 Connection to server lost. Starting reconnect…(Parse)
    11.10.2012 21:18:15 Server response indicated that you were no longer logged in.
    11.10.2012 22:08:40 Connection to server lost. Starting reconnect…(Parse)
    11.10.2012 22:08:40 Server response indicated that you were no longer logged in.
    12.10.2012 01:23:05 Forced reconnect. Starting reconnect…
    12.10.2012 05:10:09 Forced reconnect. Starting reconnect…
    12.10.2012 07:48:31 Forced reconnect. Starting reconnect…
    12.10.2012 10:27:55 Forced reconnect. Starting reconnect…
    12.10.2012 15:58:20 Forced reconnect. Starting reconnect…
    12.10.2012 20:24:40 Forced reconnect. Starting reconnect…
    12.10.2012 23:25:48 Forced reconnect. Starting reconnect…
    13.10.2012 01:38:51 Forced reconnect. Starting reconnect…
    13.10.2012 04:36:00 Forced reconnect. Starting reconnect…
    13.10.2012 08:31:14 Forced reconnect. Starting reconnect…
    13.10.2012 12:56:42 Forced reconnect. Starting reconnect…
    13.10.2012 14:55:03 Timeout – Server didn’t respond for over 20 seconds.
    13.10.2012 15:45:33 Forced reconnect. Starting reconnect…
    13.10.2012 16:23:25 Ingame error in attackFarmers2Response(): Bitte gib zuerst das Captcha ein (Sicherheitscode)!
    13.10.2012 16:23:31 Ingame error in attackFarmers2Response(): Bitte gib zuerst das Captcha ein (Sicherheitscode)!
    13.10.2012 16:23:36 Ingame error in attackFarmers2Response(): Bitte gib zuerst das Captcha ein (Sicherheitscode)!
    13.10.2012 16:23:40 Ingame error in attackFarmers2Response(): Bitte gib zuerst das Captcha ein (Sicherheitscode)!

    1. Uthar

      Thanks, the error messages “Bitte gib zuerst das Captcha ein (Sicherheitscode)!” will be useful. Although it will be better to prevent those from happening ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. mother_russis

    Hello, i’m recommend this service to recognize captcha – http://antigate.com

    1. Uthar

      Do they also support the math captchas of Grepolis? I’m wondering if they give the answer of the math captcha or will they just convert the formula to text.

  15. Ben

    Hey guys, my account was also banned after a couple of capatcha displays…..

    This question is off the topic, but are there any hacks that gets you instant resources or gold? That might work better without setting off capatcha…

    1. Uthar

      Not that I’m aware of.

    2. AnotherItalianPlayer

      when you’ve been banned, the bot was running?
      the bot was running when the captcha appeared?

    3. AnotherItalianPlayer

      the reason of the ban?
      for how many times are you ban?

      1. Ben

        I was banned when the bot was running and the captcha appeared about 4 times before i was banned. The last time i entered the equation in wrong.

        And the ban is permanent ….. ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. Anonymous

    In my router protocol can I see this item: (xxxxxxxxx – sequenz number)

    GET de39.grepolis.com /captcha.php?bot_check=&xxxxxxxxxx

    1. mother_russis

      this not seq. number, its random, for non-cached request

  17. David

    Seems that they won’t ban you if you are a paying customer. I’ve been using the bot and gold since the beginning and have been farming 24/7.

    Have received a “hidden” AutoFarmingBot PM a couple of times before. That message shows up in the status bar but its in the mailbox.

    I’ve been using the bot until today and the server I’ve been running on got upgraded Oct 8. Got stuck on CAPTHA a couple of times per day. Will stop using it for now obviously. Because with the CAPTHA blocking its operation there’s no point.

    Hope you’ll find a way around it Uthar! Love your work.

    1. Ben

      Hey David, i am a paying customer too ๐Ÿ™ and i got banned. What world are you on?

      1. David

        Knossos en35.

  18. no1

    what do you guys think about this program?

    1. olictercheg

      Im try this bot two days ago… as result – ban ๐Ÿ™

    2. Footsa

      6 m experience of http://autofarmbot.ru no ban

    3. REFRESH

      norm bot
      and today its started to enter captcha

    4. Greengo

      I guess its the best varian for right now.
      sorry uthar

      1. Uthar

        That’s why we have this topic ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. frru

    Good news! Guys from http://botsoft.org/ already won capcha. Thier bot from yesterday enter capcha automaticaly. I think they use service such http://antigate.com/

    1. Foods

      Bad news: ower ally was banned for this bot today :-[

    2. Fackis

      No way. Banned

    3. Greengo

      Everytime its stucks and work very slowly. I heard many people was banned for it( Too risky

    4. Tom

      What happens is that the captcha is to be -purchased- separately

  20. Bredli

    I have been running the bot non stop for that last 2 dys or so. When the captcha comes up it stops the farming and then resumes when you answer. Does this send infor to them?

    1. Uthar

      It does send a confirmation whether or not you entered the correct answer. I haven’t analysed the response yet so I’m not sure if they also get the total time it took to answer the captcha.

  21. Bredli

    Did anyone have their bot set to refresh every minute? Thats when I started noticing it appear for me

  22. frru

    Now this program has completely failed the test. It continues to farm through captcha… After that, the player will be banned.

    1. frru

      Sorry, it was answer to no1
      >> what do you guys think about this program?
      >> http://autofarmbot.ru/install

  23. Dimitris

    Hi Uthar,

    My oppinion is that you must upgrade the bot to stop running (deactivate everything) when the captcha shows off.

    Is better to lose wood, stone and silver than banned….

    Until you find out a solution….

    1. Uthar

      Yes, that’s the plan for now ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. M

    I made four attack at a time in one small city near me and make few trades with farming villages and if I remember casting some divine powers.
    right after that I logged in with bot the capcha activated I dont remember when it was but I think it was just right after log-in.
    well in my opinion the problem is about lots of activity in the short time but you will know better, I am sure. ๐Ÿ™‚
    and thank you for your program.

  25. Ben

    Hey Frru, does this bot really work and is it true?

    Does it have spyware or virus?

  26. KuvagSTALKER

    Well, here’s my report.

    For the first time since my server was upgraded (last friday), I’ve received a captcha.

    I find it weird that only after 3 days of gaming, the antibot system popped up, I was really expecting the captcha to appear sooner, but in fact it didn’t.

    When the small window popped up, I had the game opened, but I was long time idle, doing stuff in home. I noticed the captcha when I get back to the pc, but there was no timer attached or any kind of message within, just the captcha, coming out of nowhere (without being triggered by any action).

    At first I was afraid of making mistake, so I went on calculator to assure a correct answer LOL just in case. I introduced the value and the green banner came up.

    Anyway, captcha system didn’t seemed to be run by an action-triggered event, or it is merely random, or it depends of the amount of actions you take in a very short period of time. Also didn’t noticed any kind of deadline to input the values. In my opinion, if they banned people according to the time people take do respond, that would be kinda stupid, as we can have our game opened, but not being around: that’s not cheating.

    I believe that the captcha is a method to see, if you’re in fact idle. It doesn’t block any functions at all. In fact, it makes them enabled to see if there are any actions while the captcha is on. That’s a smart way to catch a cheater. All the bot has to do is stop ALL server requests, when the captcha shows up. While it doesn’t read it, that would be a good temporary measure.


  27. mike

    i think what is happening is the game is seeing a reputition going on, same farms in the same order all the same time apart

    what you can do is put in a time to farm in between lets say 5 – 10, 10 – 20 min apart so the time inbetween farming will be random 5 to 10 min apart so it apears that a human is doing it

    1. Ender

      This doesn’t seem to be true from what I’m seeing. I logged in from my tablet yesterday, after having not used the got at all for a few days, and I was almost immediately presented with a captcha. Seems very random to me.

      1. mike

        ok i been playing for about 1 month straight 24 hours a day i only logged off to collect my daily reward and never had a captcha pop up i got the bot yesterday and was running the farming and about 2 hours in i looked and there it was a captcha , so i turned the bot off and was running the game normaly and woke up today and there was a captcha on screen so what it looks like is oncce they suspect you of useing a bot they will send captchas at random question is what made them suspect me of using a bot ???

  28. pepote

    uthar you have news?

    1. Uthar

      No nothing yet.

  29. smith

    i get it only in bot, not outside bot, i only see can’t connect timer message and don’t see captcha in time, the first time was two or three hours after init bot, the second six or more, always i see can’t connect for a twenty o 30 minutes,
    I think is random, for suspects players and then if the player don’t answer well the captcha , admins investigate the acount, i think this is they are doing, the function of captcha don’t afect server performance, and tells exactly non human activities to the administrators. cheap to inplement and maintain, than complicated querys to find non human action in data stored by activity.
    Posibly is activated in hours than, human activities are rare, at night, dinner, etc… or manualy form administrator when see more activiy from an user.
    Think that farming, or clicking more time is tedious……

  30. john

    I think that one thing that the bot can do for increase de performance is to allow the user to select wich citis may play the bot, and select wich bot activities the bot do with this city.

    X City A
    X check militia
    X check culture
    X check port

    X City B
    X check militia

    X City X
    X check port

    If you have 100 citys tihis can skip 90 citys from bot activity, only the user is responsible to put the citis he can do anything.

    I think this can do only puting fields, and doing an IF….

    If the activiy is less, it is less detectable, if there is more activity, it is more detectable.

    1. Uthar

      You could use the town priority setting for this. It let’s you choose how often a town should be updated.

  31. David


    what about turning off the farming feature completely and use the Captain feature for farming villages and automate that? You should still shutdown when a captha is presented obviously. It will be way less intrusive.

    And it gives inno what they want. paying customers.

    1. pepote

      this option is now in the bot. In settings you can put that you use the captain

      1. David

        so what do you propose? Ive made all farmer timing red and ticked both premium boxes.

        1. David

          So I’ve kept the bot running for 8 hrs without farming. No CAPTHA received. So the bot did all the trading, culture and queues without a problem.

          Will try turning on farming with the use farm all feature to see what happens.

  32. ItalianPlayer

    Hello Uthar,
    Maybe I say bullshit but it seemed to me that when you open the browser .. if you run out of time nothing happens and the captcha vanishes .. and in my opinion is not a problem .. because everyone could leave the browser open .. is not that now make only ban for leaving a browser open .. I think instead they calculate something else .. ie the time difference between the appearance of the Captcha and send data from the browser inserted into the bot .. because unlike the regular browser that vanishes .. the browser remains the bot captcha stop .. since the users of the bot usually displays after the actual appearance of the Captcha, calculate the time difference and then realize that after the 2-minute countdown, with a probability of 99%, that particular player is using a bot.

    Maybe I’m wrong, I do not know, but I will study more deeply this thing ^ ^

  33. Ewido

    I was banned about 2-3 days ago, 2nd time so my account is permanently banned. I hadn’t updated to the new version and I forgot about the new captcha thing so it is likely that I was banned as a result of not entering the captcha answer. They may have added my account to a watchlist after the first banning and paid closer attention to it. Be careful out there!!

  34. Julian Tifflor

    Could you guys please save your captchas, upload them to some image hoster and post the links here? I need training material (for my chaptcha solver)

    1. mother_russia

      i can send many captchas …

      1. Julian Tifflor

        Thank you, that should be enough for now

  35. Greengo

    Best ever bro. Using it about 4 month on super protected mode

    1. Greengo

      its about http://autofarmbot.ru/

  36. Ryuk

    Uthar chesc this image http://imageshack.us/a/img198/5536/wtffuy.jpg

    I forgot unfortunately I forgot to take a clic =(

    1. Anonymous

      the image is deleted from imageshack

  37. Anonymous

    hy uthar
    if you searching for a method to read the captchacode show on http://www.9kw.eu
    they fill the captchas for you ๐Ÿ˜‰
    and it is easy to include into the bot

    1. Uthar

      I’m first working on something to detect the captcha. After that I’ll look into captcha solvers. I have already received quite a number of suggestions, I’ll add yours to the list ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Anonymous

        if you need html sourcecode from the captchabox to detect it that can i give you


        Bitte gib die Antwort ein:

        and here is a screen that you can see that 9kw.eu can read the capthas correctly ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. Uthar

          That’s just the text, do you also have the actual html source?
          I have currently all the info to detect the captcha but to answer it I need to have the ‘id’ that is used in the html source.

          1. Anonymous

            i have post the complete html code from the captchabox but it looks like it was cut from the blogsystem
            here ist the link with the id
            itยดs four days old
            it looks that since 2 days the german users dont get a captcha

          2. Uthar

            Sorry I wasn’t clear, I actually meant the ID of the html element (input box of captcha).
            But I got that now ๐Ÿ™‚
            This weekend I’ll have a version ready that will at least stop when it sees a captcha notification.

  38. 220b

    no open nicknames in bot – what happened?

  39. peter

    the same problem
    i’ve been banned, do not use it

  40. Greengo

    its about

    — what do you guys think about this program?

  41. ProGamer

    I use this program for six months and i never no got banned

  42. ItalianPlayer

    I have a problem with the bot, if you want to manually click a report or to construct a building or to the troops I do not run the command. why?

    1. Uthar

      The javascript of Grepolis sometimes stops working, because of this most buttons and links stop working. You can solve this by pressing F5

      1. ItalianPlayer

        of course that was the first thing that came to mind, but the problem still persists

        1. Uthar

          You can’t do much more than pressing F5. It’s a limitation of the browser and/or Grepolis.

  43. callahadam city

    I have not found a captcha yet but perhaps if you find out exactly where the captcha is on the screen you could create a small patch to just stop the bot working.
    But I like the idea of that program being able to recognize it meaning it would be very similar to what I suggested.
    However seeing as your so good at coding in this bot perhaps use that system and make the number automatically copy into a calculator then it should copy the answer back also.
    From the screenshots I have seen the captcha is quite complicated In England you don’t officially learn algebra until you are in year 7/11-12 years old.

    1. Uthar

      The bot uses the browser only during login. After that the browser is only used by the user.
      But there should be an other way to detect the captcha.

      1. Julian Tifflor

        You get a notification before you have to solve the capcha

      2. Roby

        Does not always work and in any case action becomes a very frustrating having to press F5 every time you need to do something very simple as checking a user or read the forum, from my point of view, and I think I’m the only to have this need to rely on tested browser (firefox or chrome) would be greatly appreciated.
        Uthar if you can give us a thought.

        1. Uthar

          The bot is written in C# using the .NET Framework. The default browser for this is IE. You can’t just select a browser that you want to use, it has to be compatible with the .NET Framework.

          There are some alternatives, like http://awesomium.com/, but each browser has it’s advantages/disadvantages.

          1. Roby

            sin would be a great thing

  44. Pierre

    Maybe adding a stop all actions timer into the bot will help. So like the bot can be set to do nothing for a time period of about 6 to 8 ours every day so it looks more like a person is doing the actions. Because every person needs to sleep to. This may avoid the problem all toghether.

    1. Uthar

      That is already included in the next version but I haven’t released that yet because of the captcha

  45. 220b

    not open user, not open town, F5 does not help

    1. Uthar

      If you go to the browser tab before starting the bot you see some text there. That’s your user-agent. Could you copy/paste that here?

      1. 220b

        Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET4.0C; .NET4.0E)

        1. Uthar

          If you use Win XP there is nothing else you can do to improve the browser. If you use vista, win7 or win8 you can upgrade IE to the latest version. The bot will automatic use the latest version that you have installed.

      2. Roby

        Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; .NET4.0C)

        1. Uthar

          You still need to run the “Enable_IE9.reg” file. That will allow the bot to use the latest version of IE installed on your pc.

          1. Roby

            Thanks Uthar I thought about what you wrote to me and I installed IE v.9 and soon after I launched “Enable_IE9.reg” file. and resolved all the problems described above.
            Very good, great job!

            Now lacks only the anticaptha, what’s your status?

          2. Uthar

            I’m currently testing a version with sound warning and automatic pause.
            I think it works but I’m still waiting on a captcha to verify this.

          3. mother_russia

            Hello, you can call captcha directly. Try to send mass-mail messave > 3 recipients.

            This captcha window identical bot check window (different only in image url)

          4. Uthar

            New version has successfully detected the captcha’s and can pause the bot after that. I’ll release it tonight.

            Thanks for the tip, that should be useful for future testing. Do those captcha’s also give a notification? or do you only get the captcha check.

          5. mother_russia

            yes, this captcha 100% identical for bot check captcha. one function for mass-mail and bot-check captcha in game, you can overload this function for get any notifications

  46. wererider

    I guess Grepolis 2.3 was creating some problems – on my server, on the settings page I am seing now 2.04.11842 – is it a downgrade?

    1. Uthar

      That would be a very big downgrade, I don’t think that is the correct version.

  47. conq

    i observe that captha comes like this at 0 – 5 – 12 – 17

  48. luxio

    on my server “it12”, on the settings page I am seing now 2.28.21139
    and in the server “it20 ” now 2.29.21645
    bhoooo 0_o

    1. Uthar

      Then you’re lucky, no captcha on that server?

      1. luxio

        for now it seems not, but I do not trust …

  49. Chris

    Hey Uthar, first thanks for your bot.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Second, i know a russian bot, more like a script in the game that has the same auto-farm like yours, some auto attack options and a “CAPTHA recognition” and a sound alert
    From the website:

    “Good day, dear players! For those who do not vkurse: updating the game was 2.30 adds new functionality to identify botovodov. It consists in the fact that during the game (during both manual and bot different actions) appears CAPTCHA (a picture with numbers), the result of which must be entered, which would continue to play. How does a CAPTCHA? If you are using agresivny farm (> 80% and the 2c) Security Code system will automatically send you a captcha. It is also possible parcel captcha manually by the administrator.”

    I personally tested it and it works, i can let my auto-farm for 24 hour with no problems.
    If you want the website just send a message on my email, i dont want ti to make it public, just a few know about this bot ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Uthar

      Thanks for the info Chris. I know a few scripts, 2 of them are Russian. I’ll send you a message, maybe it’s an other one.

  50. Max

    if you want to get a captcha question send a mass mail to your alliance members. I would like to test your bot if you want

    1. Uthar

      New version ready for download since a few seconds ๐Ÿ˜‰

Comments have been disabled.

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